Got a fan that hums? Here’s the solution!

Got a fan that hums? Here’s the solution!

Ceiling fans around the globe have a problem of a slight humming noise when working. Depending on who you are and your threshold for irritability this humming noise can either be a mild inconvenience or at worst can drive you crazy. Usually this noise is more prevalent when using your fan on a lower speed and when there is not a lot of ambient noise such as when your sleeping.


One of the most common reasons for this humming noise is when a dimmer control is used to control fan speed. These dimmer switches were never intended to be used with ceiling fans and as such can cause the fans to make these noises. dimmer controls should ideally be replaced with standard speed controls.


Using a regulator also resolves this issue but compared to a dimmer it is large, costly, and may not fit into wall fittings, ensuring that the dimmer remains the most commonly used method to control ceiling fan speeds.


Royal Smart inverter Series fixes this issue by eliminating the need for dimmers to control fan speed replacing it with a remote control. Not only does this fix the problem of the humming noise but is a very convenient method to interact with your fan from the comfort of your bed and/or couch.


Royal Smart Inverter Series uses the latest high-efficiency EC permanent magnet motor technology to give you unmatched performance in under 55 Watts, saving close to 60% on your fan electricity bill all the while giving you more 30% more Air compared to a regular DC fan. These fans run seamlessly without any sort of distracting noise on either AC or DC Input. On AC Input the performance is stable for 130 Volts to 260 Volts, while on DC, it can last upwards of 12 hours on battery.


Check out the Royal Smart Inverter Series here.

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