pakistan 1st ebergy saver fan


We are proud to introduce Pakistan's First Energy Saver Fan

Our Energy Saver Fan, the most energy efficient fan ever made in Pakistan, will not only​ help our consumer's save up on their electricity bills, but will provide much needed relief to our power generation sector by consuming less energy while maintaining high performance. With your help , we hope that this innovation will usher in a new era of energy saving and efficiency.

For a brighter and cooler Pakistan



Our Energy Saver Fan takes only 50 Watts as compared to 120 Watts of regular fans.

Through this technological advancement, Energy Saver Fan will increase the money in your pocket by reducing your Fans electric consumption by upto 60%.

Best Performance

Less power consumption, same powerful performance

With our new and upgraded, state of the art Stamping and Winding Technology, Our Energy Saver Fan gives out-class performance while using minimal energy. Less than half of other brands!

Runs Double-Time on UPS

Wow, Runs Double-Time on UPS

Longer UPS Battery Time.

Our Energy Saver Fan will run twice as long on your current UPS system, keeping you cool during those long power outages

Solar Panel Compatibl

Works equally well on Solar Panel System

Due to the low energy consumptionof our Energy Saver Fan, you can save big when installing solar systems and UPS. Energy Saver Fan will require less batteries and backup capacity for giving you the comfort you need.

To suit your taste, we have providing three inter-changeable color options in each Energy Saver Fan you ​purchase

  • Green


  • Gray


  • White