About Us

Our Commitment

AT Rafiq Engineering our aim is to achieve the highest level of Customer Satisfaction. We are dedicated to provide you with the best in class solutions for all our product categories and the peace of mind when dealing with any or all Royal Branded Products. Our Technical expertise has led the industry standards in manufacturing, setting the bar higher each year.

We ensure our commitment by:

Energy Efficiency

Our Motors are designed for Maximum Performance with Minimum Energy Consumption.

Our Ceiling Deluxe model 56'' with 320 RPM Saves 30 Watts per Hour (consumption80wattswhereas ceiling 56'' of most other brands consume up to 110watts). With a daily usage of 15 hours; Each Royal Fan saves 120 units per year (Approx). Leading to a saving of up to Rs. 1200 Per Year*.

*Calculated on Deluxe 56" at 15hrs Usage for 9 months.


We believe that safety is the key to a happier product experience, and thus we design all our products with safety features.

  • All Products are Earthed to insure against electric shocks
  • Ceiling Fans fitted with quarter safety pinson every joint to stop from falling
  • Larger and Heavier Base for standing fans (Pedestal,Louver, TCP) to stop from tipping over
  • Shock Proof Bodies for Washing Machines
  • Automatic Earth System in complete Washing Machine Range
  • Rust Proof Finishing for all products
  • Secure Hi-Pressure Stamped Rivets For extra Strength of Blade Joints


The use of Hi Grade Materials and Precision Manufacturing allows our product to be very durable without losing the service value.

Our Valued consumers have repeatedly reported of our fans over 40yrs still working as they did in the year they were bought.

Aesthetic Designing

We understand that each consumer is unique with their own taste and requirement. We have one of the largest and growing ranges of designs; with currently over 120 models and colors to better fit your needs and wants.

Our LifeStyle Series combines Traditional Grace and Modern Design with Royal Fan's unrivalled Performance and Quality. All the fans are rich in style and spirit giving you a Range of aesthetically appealing, high performance Electronic Fans.

Superior Quality Materials

We Use only the Best Material for our Products to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • 100% Pure Electrical Steel Sheet For Motor Core
  • 99.99% Pure Super Enamelled Copper CA Wire
  • 99.9% Copper Wire*
  • 99.9% Aluminum Body
  • Hi Grade PVC for Plastic Parts
  • International Standard Paint

* Only in Lifestyle Series and Selected Fans

Hi Tech Precision Manufacturing

Our Technical expertise has led the industry standards in manufacturing, setting the bar higher each year.

  • High pressure Automatic Stamping Machine
  • Automatic Coil and Wedge Insertion
  • Precision Ball Bearing Fitting
  • Electronic Balancing

Hassle Free Warranties

The only fan manufacturing Company providing its valued customers with LIFE TIME GUARANTEE.
We believe that your peace of mind is our responsibility.

R&D Department

Our team is encouraged to keep abreast of constant developments in the technology field of each of our products especially Fan technology. These developments are then diligently incorporated into our production process, to guarantee the latest and finest products for our consumers.

Large Dealer Network

Royal's Dealer network is one of the largest in the country, with retail locations across Pakistan.
Our Large network allows us to provide our valued customers with the best in class service and support.

Stringent Quality Process

Our QC Department is involved in every step of the Production Processes. From testing raw materials to monitoring and inspecting the paint and packing, they ensure the best materials and flawless fittings are used to make the very best for our consumers.